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Sponsor Spotlight - Part 1 of 6 Little Gems   

I'm writing today because it's been far to long since I've updated you on our beautiful sponsored children!  Our first student has a smile that hits you straight in the heart.

Crushing on "The Profit"   

Time for true confessions..... I have a crush on the profit. Not the profit my company makes though I hope to have a crush on it soon but I'm talking Marcus Lemonis on CNBC's show, The Profit.

Late for School   

So….it’s September...the month AFTER I was supposed to do a Back to School post.  I have a lot of excuses of course, but I guess when it boils down to it, I really don’t like Back to School.

The Ring Twice Given   

You may have seen a set of rings that I wear every day on my right index finger.  I don’t ever take them off, even for pictures that we do for jewelry that is for sale and yet these rings are not for sale.

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