About Us

LittleGemsUSA is a jewelry company I started so that women can look stylish and also make a positive impact in the lives of others. 50% of profits are given to charities that help women and children at risk.  If you have question on any item please ask me in the contact us page.

Currently we have fashion jewelry as well as gemstones set in sterling silver.  A couple years ago I had my eyes opened to the fact that so many people around me are experiencing immense pain. For some people just meeting physical needs of food and housing is almost impossible. I looked around and thought, “Why isn't somebody doing something about this?” I wanted to see big corporations that have big money help fix the problems.  I justified myself in thinking.... 

I can’t change the world
I’m only me.   I’m just one voice.
Then I realized, “What if I helped just one person?” 
If I was the person praying in desperation, wouldn't I want someone to at least try?
Let’s work together.  Then neither of us are “just one person” anymore.  Here’s how you can help.  Look for a new Little Gem in our store or find products you already know and love on our affiliate page. (Hope to have more very soon, so please check back and sign up for our newsletter).  Each purchase gives back when we donate 50% of profit to charity.

If you don’t have the means to #sparkle4hope, that’s ok.  You can help just by telling others, signing up for our newsletter, following us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) and sharing our blog posts.  With every like and share you’ll be putting out your hand and pulling up a person who is praying right now for that hand of support.

God Bless You,