Sponsor Spotlight - Part 2 of 6 Little Gems

Here is part 2 of my 6 part series to introduce you to the Little Gems that we sponsor.  (If you missed part one, find it here.)

This tiny little angel is only 5 years old.  What a doll face!  She entered kindergarten this year.  

Sponsored Child 2

Her village is just outside of Rwanda's capital city of Kigali (I need to look at a map).  Her family lives in a mud hut with no electricity or running water.  One of her parents goes out and searches for work every day just to get enough money for them to eat that day.  

The reason it is so important for her parents that she get the opportunity to go to school is that her mother never was able to attend.  I think most of you could understand the heart's desire of that mom.  You want your kids to be able to fulfill a dream that you couldn't complete.  You want them to be better off.

She met Laura from Love Alive International when she went to Bible club.  It was a Divine encounter that only God could plan.  His plan:  that you and I with LittleGemsUSA could send her to school so that she can learn to read and have opportunities and a brighter future.

This Little Gem thinks she wants to be a doctor, but with her personality, her mother disagrees.  Mom sees a lawyer in their family's future.  

She loves to sing and play, eat rice and go to church.  Me too kid!  Especially when it's Mango Sticky Rice.  She wants to go to school to "learn many things".  Her favorite color is white, she likes cows and the best thing about her country is.....the trees.

If her sponsor came to visit we would:  "clean house, pray and go for a walk". Oh my dear sweet child, that sounds like the perfect plan.  If I ever come, we will definitely pray, go for walks but instead of cleaning house... .we will eat rice. :)

The only reason we exist is to help Little Gems like this.  Please stop by our store to keep this tiny angel in school next year.

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