Sponsor Spotlight - Part 5 of 6 Little Gems

The next Little Gem of a student I’d like you to meet is a sweet 9 year old girl.  She lives in a small village in a mud hut with her family.  They don’t have electricity or running water.  Her parents struggle to find work but try to keep the family fed by finding temporary work farming fields for others.  

She enjoys learning, a trait I hope she never outgrows.  In her free times she likes to jump rope.  I used to enjoy this as well, but getting my feet to leave the ground is becoming harder every day. :)  One of her favorite foods is potatoes (me too, especially when in the shape of fries..perhaps this is contributing to my other problem of not enjoying jump rope so much anymore).  She also enjoys going to church which is a favorite of mine as well.  Such refreshing of the soul to sing and worship with others.  She also is fond of helping her parents do the dishes and wash the clothes.  Thinking back to the opening couple of sentences that this young girl's family does not have running water then helping with dishes or laundry is no small task.  It’s not running downstairs and throwing the clothes in the washing machine...or even running out to the laundromat.  I’m not sure how they get water for the dishes, but it’s not the way you and I do.  

Her favorite subject in school is English and one day she would like to be a doctor. She loves that her country is at peace, a blessing we all can understand and be thankful for.  She says the best thing about her is that she prays.  How beautiful is that.  She’s right.  Prayer changes everything.  It either changes your circumstances or changes you.  

Student Artork front of page

You can't have a bad day when you see this. :)

Student artwork - back of page

I hope and pray with her that all her dreams come true.  

Thank you for helping this child reach for the stars.  We couldn’t do it without you.


Sponsored Student 5

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