Sponsor Spotlight - Part 4 of 6 Little Gems

LoveAliveInternational Sponsored Children

 Welcome to the 4th installment of meeting our Little Gems.

Sponsored Student 4


Today’s Little Gem is a sweet, quiet, 7 year old girl who is the second oldest of 5 children.  She’s a good student and likes studying math.  I’m glad to hear that because working in technology myself, we need a few more girls at the table.


Anyway, her family life is not the easiest.  Her dad is no longer around and her mom struggles to feed 5 kids.  In fact, her mom is trying to work with Love Alive International to get vocational training so that she can find work.  They all live in a mud hut with no electricity or running water where she enjoys helping with gardening.  


She wants to continue studying to have a better life.  I truly hope she keeps up the good work, becomes a woman in technology and we work together someday.



Sponsored Kid 4


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