Sponsor Spotlight - Part 3 of 6 Little Gems

It’s time for our next introduction to another Little Gem.  This young lady is 14 years old.  She lives with her mother and 3 siblings (Think single mom with 4 kids.  What a huge job to do alone.).  Like most, if not all, of our Gems, she lives in a small village in Rwanda.  

Sponsored Student 3

Her mother tries to make ends meet by finding work farming other people’s land and washing clothes for other families.  I can imagine that it is a huge sacrifice for her mother to have her go to school.  She could probably wash clothes alongside her mother and make more money.  I'm guessing her mom must understand what’s best for this Little Gem is that she gets an education.  So, she goes to school and she loves it.  Math, English and Kinyarwanda (her spoken language) are her favorite subjects.  She hopes this schooling will bring about a brighter future for her and I also pray that it will.    

She feels the best thing about her country is the advances they made and that they are at peace.  Not something other nations around her can say.  

I’ve included her thank you note and it’s lovely.  

Sponsored Student Thank You Note

I’d like to say to her.....

Sweetheart, I echo your words to me:

May God also bless you and keep you - Numbers 6:24-26

I will like you for always as well.

xoxo  - Leslie

Sponsored Students Face

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