Season of Change

Merry Christmas


What a crazy close to this year.  It’s been a season of change for me.  On September 30th, I bought a building (over 100 years old) that needs a ton of work and it is consuming a lot of my free time (if not physically then mentally).  There is so much uncertainty about fixing it and what everything will cost, who can do it, how long it will take and when can they start.  I’ve never done something like this before so it’s been scary.  And I’m just getting started.

On top of that, my job that I have had for the last 17 years will be ending on Christmas day.  It’s self imposed in that I accepted a buyout package, but it is stressful all the same.  On top of that, after accepting the buyout they decided to outsource most of the IT staff positions.  Over this last year I’ve been helping with that but it has been very hard as people I have known for years began leaving the company.  In a few days it’s my turn.  To say that I’m nostalgic is the understatement of the century.  I still miss Meigs Field, Marshall Fields and Sears Tower.  The Tribune Company that hired me 17 years ago no longer exists.  That company went into bankruptcy, split into 2 and was renamed “tronc”.  Even the Tribune Tower was sold just a month or so ago.  (See my prior post with pictures)

I face a lot of unknowns ahead with finding a new job and in life, but God knows exactly what He is doing and I need to trust that the tiny baby in the manger came because He loved me... He died on the cross for my sins because He loved me….He rose and lives because He loves me….He reigns and rules everything in my life and HE LOVES ME.  

I wish for you the most beautiful Christmas possible.



PS- I’ll talk to you sometime after the new year.  Hopefully I will not have pulled all my hair out by then. 

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Photo of recent building purchase

My "Munster Mansion"

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