What "memeber/insider" benefits would you like to have? - Excerpt from June Newletter

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I need your help to come up with the best "insider/member" benefits for everyone that subscribes to my email list…..that's you!
I want those who are invested in me, my business and helping our sponsored kids to have extra benefits for that loyalty.
What would you love to have as a loyalty perk?  Some ideas I've had so far are:
  • A discount code that gets your free shipping even for orders under $50
  • A discount code that gives you an extra discount when your orders are over $50
  • A service that sends you email reminders 2 weeks before anniversaries, birthdays,  or special occasions to remind you to get your friend a gift.
  • Special shout outs for you or your business on my Instagram or Facebook account

I really need your help to make it special to be an "insider/member".  Let me know which of these would be most helpful to you.  I'd also LOVE to hear your ideas.

Thanks so much!


PS - Currently on vacation with family.  I highly recommend it!


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UPDATE:  The winning benefits of this question was the 1st 2 bullets.  Our members wanted free shipping on orders under $50 as well as a discount over$50 so become a member by signing up and you'll get our discount codes in your welcome email. 

UPDATE 2:  A question answered:  What is the meaning of Soli Deo Gloria?  It means to the Glory of God alone.  Thank you for asking!

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