A Stitch in time saves 9.... (or something like that)

Charity LoveAliveInternational

Fade back to the 70’s or so… What do you see?… Lots of olive green ovens and and rust colored carpet… maybe we went too far back.  Come forward a little, oh it’s me.  My mom just made me a beautiful blue and white striped skirt.  I love it so much, I want a shirt to go with it, but mom thinks there is not enough material left to make a shirt. I’m a child, how much material can it take… and really how hard can it be?   It takes just a few straight lines of sewing.  While she is not looking, I cut up the remaining fabric in a square for the front and back.  Then cut 2 small rectangles for sleeves.  I use the machine and start sewing.  Naturally I leave an opening for my head.  I get the sleeves attached and they stick straight out.  (Later I recall hearing my Grandma referring to them as stovepipe sleeves.)  Rats, I ran out of thread.  I’ve seen mom take something out below here...oops.. she never had this many pieces in her hand…...I wonder why I was banned from using the sewing machine.

Fast forward a few more years into the ever beautiful 80’s.  I now see big hair everywhere, but not mine… it’s straight flat against my head, but still sprayed down… as if it was going anywhere.  I’m sitting in sewing class in 8th grade.  Arrrrgh this STUPID zipper!!!  Mrs. White, the teacher, says I have to rip it out again!  I’ve ALREADY ripped it out 3 times and I have to do it again!  I will NEVER sew again after this class!  What?!?!  She thinks it needs to come out again, and again… I recall I may have ripped that zipper out 7 times, but I should check with my friend Bonnie.  As I recall she "adored" that class as well. Let’s get out of the 80’s.

Back to the present time.. I recently found out that, Laura Yockey (who was just a baby, if even around for my sewing struggles) has given up much to go to Rwanda and serve and love the people there.  She started Love Alive International to show Christ’s love in action to the people of Africa.  One of her many initiatives is to buy sewing machines for women who would otherwise fall into a:

“job of selling herself in the streets. Unfortunately, here, women often turn to this lifestyle for survival. They have children to feed, no husband or family to help support, no means of getting a job or earning an upright living, and poor choices turn to a life that continues to spiral.”

I’d love to see us help provide Laura with the money for sewing machines for 2 women.  So that they can work to support their families long into the future.  Let’s make our LittleGemsUSA “Love Alive” and put it into action.  

Side note:  Mom bought more material and made me a shirt b/c she was so impressed with my efforts.  I also went on to take many sewing classes after 8th grade and at one time made a suit jacket and a formal dress...oo-lala (but my machine has fallen shamefully dusty).  I will commit to at least hemming my 2 pairs of pants sitting in my closet, by the time we raise the funds for the first sewing machine.

Mom.... Mrs. White… this one’s for you.

Hope you enjoyed this!  The only reason we exist is to raise money for women and children in need.  Please check out our store, pick up a LittleGem for yourself and #sparkle4HOPE

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