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A few weeks ago I had a fun surprise at my day job.  One of our vendors brought a person in from India to work with me for a couple weeks.  A friend of mine in India found out she was coming and gave her a present for me. Work doesn't feel like work when you have presents show up from across the world.  Feel free everyone...just kidding.

My friend Priyanka surprised me with a tote bag and a bracelet.  Two things that I don't think you ever have enough of. :)  The bag represented her culture with a traditional wedding scene and the bracelet was a gift that when she saw it she thought of me.  The great part is why.  Her work helps sponsor and donate supplies to a school for girls that are blind.  Somewhere along the line she came across a bracelet made by a blind girl and she thought of me.  I'm grateful for the gift, but more so for the  thought and the help that was given to a blind girl in need.  The tiny bells on the bracelet make a fun little soft jingle when I reach for food.  Oops, did I say food. Well, when I reach for anything.

So Priyanka - Thank you so much for my gift and thank you for helping others who are less fortunate. Sorry it took so long to get this out to you.  I took the gifts on my trip to Puerto Rico a couple weeks ago and here are a few fun pictures I took.  ~ Leslie

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