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I've fallen in love with a sandwich (yes it happens periodically) at a rather foo foo (or is it phoo phoo) place.  It's a pot roast sandwich.  Yes.. you would fall in love too.  How can you not.  I wanted my dad and mom to try it out but it's not one of those "dad hang out" places.  He's not a foo foo guy.  Hot dog stand yes, steak and potatoes, yes.  Place to see and be seen...never.  

In order to make sure they check it out, I arranged a Saturday morning breakfast at Beatrix.  Ugh.  I like sleeping in on Saturday.  It's the only day I'm not supposed to be up and going somewhere in the week.  But I do love my parents this much (and the sandwich) so I called and made reservations for 8:30am.  Did I say ugh!  They open at 8am, but that's ridiculous.  They mentioned to me that they don't get busy on Saturday till closer to 10am.  Mental note for next time....I can sleep later.  They will also validate the parking if you use the Aloft Hotel valet for a total of $14.  Not bad considering its cold and I don't feel like walking outside much.  Since we went early, we actually found street parking directly in front of the door ($8/2hrs).

Great thing about this day we picked is that my 92 year old grandma happened to be in town for a doctor's visit so she joined us as well.  She promptly told me after we were seated that she wasn't ordering coffee because it was too expensive.  I asked how much it was:  "2 and a quarter". "We're ALL getting coffee then because that's the cheapest drink on the menu!"  She didn't hear I had already told the the waitress coffee all around except for dad....this is concerning because she just got new hearing aids. :)  She drinks more coffee in a day that you can think about.  There's no way she was getting through breakfast without coffee.

Today she drained it dry multiple times and for "two and a quarter" she's going to get her money's worth.  If you could see...her water is untouched. She's famous for saying she doesn't drink water because it will "rust your pipes".  She's 92 you can't argue with her.

Needless to say, we all ordered the pot roast sandwich, only mom and grandma split one.  Grandma constantly trying to give mom the bigger half, all the meat and whatever else she can give away. Giving is her gift.  The sandwich comes with a sauce that reminded us something of jalapeno jelly.
Snagged a picture of her on the sly because she doesn't pose without argument.    We all shared 3 of their specialty juice drinks.  Mango, orange & pineapple nectar.  Blue Boost - pure blueberry juice, white grape & basil.  Ginger Snap - carrot, apple, ginger.  I think we all like the blueberry basil best, but I do recall hearing someone say something about "tasting like grass"... not sure if I can blame dad for that or not.  
At some point I see dad laughing and faintly hear him say something about Leslie trying to get her way... and as I start to protest I think....hmm we are all HERE eating what I WANT them to eat...maybe he's right??  Nah.

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