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So….it’s September...the month AFTER I was supposed to do a Back to School post.  I have a lot of excuses of course, but I guess when it boils down to it, I really don’t like Back to School.  It represents so many things I do not care for....say for instance….school.  I never wanted to go back to school.  I did fine and was a fairly good student, but blech…it meant the end of summer, freedom and great weather.  As an adult it seems it has the same effect on me.  I have to listen to all those people that say they love fall.  PEOPLE AFTER FALL COMES WINTER!!!  Okay, got that out of my system.  

So, yes it’s past “back to school” and I know very few kids that are excited about that.  None of the ones related to me are happy about it.  I do however know of a few kids that are super excited about it.  They happen to live in Rwanda.  We are spoiled.  They are not.

They don’t enjoy the same amenities in life and going to school for them is a special privilege not a right.  How do I know they love school?  They told me so (future post).

Earlier this summer my sister Linda saw a Facebook post from Love Alive International that mentioned the founder Laura would be traveling back there for a visit and anyone wanting to send gifts for their sponsored child could send it along with her.

So I went shopping.  BUT….I could not figure out what they’d want. When you think about someone who has very little, everything seems so trite and not what they really need.  Should I be buying them a toy when they might need socks??  Laura assured me that anything I got them they’d love.  So I got some basics: crayons, pencils, coloring books and a pencil case to hold all the stray supplies once opened.


Sending my hugs and kisses - xoxo

I also figured I’d let them know a little bit about me so I had Linda take a picture of me holding the supplies in front of the skyline.  I wanted them to see this fantastic city.  (Maybe it’s silly.  I don’t know...maybe I’ll come to you guys for ideas next time).

Sears...yes Sears Tower

Off it went to Africa.  It’s interesting to think about a stack of items that were once in your kitchen are now on another continent.  

I know the gifts made it because I received back these photos.  



Lots of attention from others! ................................ Oh that grin!

Most of them are pretty happy to receive the gift.  I am assured the one not smiling is happy but it’s not in their nature to smile for the camera.  (FYI Laura from Love Alive International is standing behind her.)

I don’t like to think about it, but end of year is fast approaching.  With that comes the opportunity to give to others.  Please keep us in mind for Christmas gifts for your friends and family.  We have quite a few years ahead of us of schooling that we need to sponsor for these sweet kids. Supporting non profit organizations and charities is why we exist so please shop our store


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