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Imagine living in a remote village where there is no running water, no electricity and the buildings/structures around you are made from mud.  It’s hot and sticky, no electricity means no air conditioning, if you even know what that is.  If there is no electricity... there is likely no gas, so you have no stove.  You’re cooking outside with those pesky bugs, trying to create something small for your family to eat.  Vegetables, rice??  Did you grow the vegetables in that pot… the only pot you own?  How did you buy the rice?  Where do you get the money from?  Imagine,... just take a minute to imagine what that is like.  You cry, God help us...  We need help.  

Had enough in just 1 minute??  There are women in this village that cannot imagine what your life would be like.  In Rwanda, they don’t imagine the life I described, they live that life.  

Lets go back for a minute.  There is one thing….one very beautiful thing.  Someone came and talked of a way to find work.  Laura, she told them about the sewing center they had in another village and that they’d like to start one here.  You can’t help it, a hope starts to well up inside.  

“The sewing centers were designed simply to help families in poverty have a means of support”  

A love gift to these women with no strings attached.  Love Alive!

Twenty students are now enthusiastically learning to sew for a living. “We prayed to God for help, but did not know how God could improve our state, but He has heard us and blessed us through you.”  

You!  They do not know your name, nor will they ever recognize your face, but YOU brought 2 of the sewing machines to this sewing center.  I cannot tell you how much this moves my heart and brings me to tears.  

July 15th their world moved in a new direction.  Thank you!

**For the record, I took a little artistic license with my description of village life.  I know there is no electricity or running water, so I’m not far off.  You look at the pictures and you will see they are not living a posh life.  
Hope you enjoyed this!  The only reason we exist is to raise money for women and children in need.  Please check out our store, pick up a LittleGem for yourself and #sparkle4HOPE 

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