Sorry, Guys, Superbowl is over. Next up... Valentines.

Just For Fun

At risk of offending some I must say just a little something about Valentines Day.

Guys ever wonder what we want for Valentines day?  Sure it’s a dumb holiday made up by the greeting card companies in an evil plot to ruin your life.  You can certainly skip it but the fact is when every other woman around us at the office or at school is getting something and I don’t, I do get a tiny bit of feeling, like "Rats… I didn't get anything". We know it’s not needed or necessary and doesn't make us doubt your love one way or another.  (ONE HUGE EXCEPTION - if the girl is not your girlfriend and has never made any attempt to lead you on, then DON’T send anything.  I've been a recipient of those as well and it’s also like "RATS how am I going to handle this now".)

Let’s see there are couple ways guys handle this:

Scenario 1 - This store is crowded.  I didn't have this extra time in my plan.  Why are the guys all carrying around flowers….Dang it’s Valentines today.  You try to think of something quick and easy and at the check out line you see a set flowers, balloons, a stuffed animal and a cardboard heart filled with chocolate.  You grab those and are on your way.  OK maybe that works….but maybe not.

My advice if you find yourself in this predicament:  Flowers are great.  They are beautiful and they do make you feel special.  I don’t know why, but they do so good choice there. (In Chicago? Huge hint: Check out
Flowers for Dreams. They deliver gorgeous bouquets for $35 and also donate some of the proceeds to a local charity.  I don't think you can beat that!!!)

Balloons… skip them, stuffed animal….skip it.  I don’t know why marketers feel as though women somehow on Valentines revert back to childhood and want a toy.  If I offend… sorry, it was just not for me.  What are we supposed to do with it?  Chocolate….can’t go wrong there.  My personal preference is not the candy at the checkout line.  It tends to be cheap candy that doesn't taste good, and it is severely marked up because it is in a heart box.  Instead of that...go to the candy aisle and you’ll find a nice brand of chocolate like Dove or Ghirardelli.  It doesn't need to be in a heart box and it tastes…. divine.

Scenario 2 - You are not the last minute guy.  You are prepared.  You spend some time to go out shopping early and find a store called Special Memories.  That should work, right.  The sales clerk in there sees you coming and tells you that your wife/girlfriend since she’s a woman of faith would like this figurine set of praying hands or the delicate shell box with the words of Footprints in the sand on it.  Maybe even a heavy glass square with the word LOVE on it.  You grab those and are out $75 at least.  

My advice if you are in this predicament:  While you've put a tremendous amount of effort into these gifts, they sit around the house and gather dust.  You may literally be handing her a future chore.  Here’s some praying hands that you will need to dust every week.  I’m kidding, but I’m really hoping the gift you give can be a bit more useful without being a blender….utility can go too far with a gift. :)  Naturally I’m going to suggest checking my site early and getting a piece of jewelry for a nice price.  The majority of what we have is under $50 and I have items that are priced at $10 and $20 that are worth more.  Earrings are easy you don’t need to know the size. (Ditto for necklaces and bracelets.)  If you know her ring size we have very sweet deals on real gemstones.

Not This:

Something like these instead:

Now that I've completed this post I've come to realize no guy is ever going to read this far.  Well I hope at least the ladies were entertained.

Ladies… since you’re the only ones left, do you want to hear about some gifts I've received… 

Yes, I got those praying hands.  I got that heavy glass Love “block” pictured above.  Jewelry boxes...but guys don’t understand my the boxes are useless.  Dolls… ?!?!  Yes. Another weird doll that sang “I’m going to love you till the end of time”  Yikes… that one was scary but my nieces liked it.  A stamp collection.  Plates from the Franklin Mint.  Stuffed animals that ended up in my “x boyfriends drawer”, (which is gone now I might add).  One great gift I got was a tiny sapphire ring.  I loved it and still have it and it’s still in circulation even though the guy and I parted during college...i.e. great gift that has lasted many years.  

Hope you get something beautiful!
Hope you enjoyed this!  The only reason we exist is to raise money for women and children in need.  Please check out our store, pick up a LittleGem for yourself and #sparkle4HOPE 

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