LittleGemsUSA + Flowers for Dreams = The Perfect Storm


It's not often that your life brings together the perfect storm of things you love.  I don’t fall in love easily.  You won’t hear me say I "obsess" about lipstick or that I can’t get enough of red nail polish (unless we’re talking food...then, yes I can’t get enough). I do have a lot of "favorites" when it comes to jewelry.   I’ll admit that, but that’s why I’m selling it because I do love it.

But for me this past Saturday I did have my own little perfect storm of things I love converging in a moment.  I had the privilege of visiting the Flowers For Dreams workspace.  It sits in a warehouse built long enough ago to have wood beam ceilings and exposed brick walls.  Buildings with character.  That I do love.


My dad is convinced I’m nuts and that I will one day buy the “Munster Mansion”.  Add to a building with character, one of God’s most beautiful gifts to and it feels like a little bit of heaven.  As my sister and I wander around taking pictures, one of the founders Jo is unpretentiously filling orders.  When we wander away then come back another beautiful creation is sitting on the rack waiting for the lucky recipient.  


If buildings with character and flowers weren’t enough, I’m profoundly affected by something else.  I’m taking in the fact that I’m watching a process of filling a single order of flowers.  One single order filled over and over again building to a 1,000, then another 1,000 then another and over the course of time 1 becomes many.  This wouldn’t matter if it were just flowers.  Lots of companies fill orders for flowers, but Flowers for Dreams fills orders and donates to charity.  Could anything be closer to my heart?  Maybe.  But not much.  In my own life I felt very small, very singular, very “ONE”.  I’m “one” person without much talent.  How can I make a difference?  But maybe, just maybe,... even being “one” maybe I could help just “one" other person.  So I set out to try.  I started LittleGemsUSA and very anticlimactically there was nothing.  Then I sold one thing here, one thing there and slowly one became many.  Nowhere near the heights Flowers for Dreams have reached, but I am inspired.  I remember the night that I realized that my goal was to help “one” and I had helped change “two” women's lives in Rwanda.  Tears, many tears followed.  Then I helped “six” children in Rwanda.  It affects you… in a good way.  I want more.  I want many many more.  


So I stand in awe and respect for the things that Flowers for Dreams has done in their short existence. They should be so proud to have donated $62,587 (since first writing this it is now over $100,000) since inception.  But hey, watch out Flowers for Dreams because I’m tracking hard on your heels with my $1,743.  You better hustle!  


So when Jo handed me my first bouquet from Flowers for Dreams, he didn’t realize how much I loved it or see the tear in my eye, but I LOVED it and (ok I’ll say it), I was obsessed with it.

God Bless LittleGemsUSA and Flowers for Dreams!



Colors of the Sea leather wrap bracelet found here
Pearl choker necklace found here
Silver Moon Bracelet and Silver White bracelets found here
The amazing & fabulous Farm bouquet found here

Hope you enjoyed this!  The only reason we exist is to raise money for women and children in need.  Please check out our store, pick up a LittleGem for yourself and #sparkle4HOPE 

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