Cutie Pies Day In Chicago

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A couple weeks ago our nieces joined us for a Saturday.  It seems it is becoming a tradition for one of them to pick a pumpkin and then make pumpkin pie out of it.  Before the pumpkin was cut the youngest thought we should take pictures and put ju--ry (jewelry) on it for a decoration.  As you wish, so it shall be (sometimes).


Meanwhile the older is in the kitchen “preparing” the pumpkin.  I say “preparing” because it seems she wants the pie, but doesn’t like to touch the stringy stuff in the inside nor touch the seeds and she’s too young to cut it.  It falls squarely on my sister to do pretty much everything.

While the pumpkins are cooking one of them asks if they can take a boat ride.  We do love to do that, but we weren’t prepared for this.  The pumpkin is in the oven.  Let’s go to the park for an hour instead. We live near Chinatown and the river taxi boats from Wendella come in the summer now to Ping Tom Park.



While the girls play we look at the schedule and find one is coming in a little bit.  It is a REALLY nice day.  Maybe our last before winter.  WE love riding the boat as much as the girls.  MAYBE??  One of us goes back to finish the pie and the others get on the boat.



We get off at the Wrigley Building and take a few pictures for our site, pictures of the girls, the girls helping me, the girls jewelry (equal time).  We venture to Michigan Ave a bit to quiz them on where I work used to work (sniffle)--see why I sniffle


Artistic horses were being featured on Michigan Avenue to honor fallen police officers.  

Hint for you from a local here - We always hit the restroom at Hotel Intercontinental (super easy to get to and clean). Enter the doors near Michael Jordan’s but pass that unless you want to have a steak. Down a few steps and turn right. 


The girls know that they can get gum out of us because we want them to know their Chicago history. The Wrigley Building is quintessential Chicago and you can get kids to remember it by bribing them with gum.  Now look what we’ve done since we can’t go there anymore without buying gum.  It used to be that Walgreens was next door, but now it actually is IN the Wrigley Building  You can’t say no to that, but we do insist that it is actually Wrigley gum.  Inspection of the package is required.  It’s our version of buy local.  (Walgreens also local for us.)  Win/Win.


We have a quick Happy Meal since Mickey D’s is literally right behind Wrigley (update this McDonald's is now gone) and head over to a bus at Marina City to head home.  (Marina City that Nik Walenda walked over...crazy man!)  



Couple hours of pretty cheap, pure joy that is topped off with pumpkin pie.

Hope you enjoyed this!  The only reason we exist is to raise money for women and children in need.  Please check out our store, pick up a LittleGem for yourself and #sparkle4HOPE 

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