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Angel Tree Charity

As I drove through the city today, I went down Clark Street.  This is not uncommon.  In fact, I drive down Clark basically every day.  I live on Clark.  So, I pass the imposing structure shown above almost daily.  I like the shape - triangle cutting through the sky.  Sometimes I see it, sometimes I don't.  You know how you get on autopilot and just want to get home after work.  You see, and yet you don't see and then wonder how you got home.  

Well, today this building struck me and I SAW it.  I pulled over to take this picture.  It's interesting architecture.  It's a rather unique building in the city.  It's a skyscraper with very long but very narrow windows.  Wikipedia says the windows are 7 feet high, but only 5 inches wide - not the best way to take in the sweeping views of this amazing city.  Interesting, maybe even cool looking and yet it contains a whole lot of heartbreak.  This building is the Metropolitan Correctional Center.  In other words, it's a federal prison.  In the summers when I walk the city, I've seen people on the roof looking 28 stories down.  I can see them - just a shadow of a figure, so I imagine they can see me.  When I see them, it gives me a profound feeling of sadness.  I'm walking free.  They are not.  I can only hope they are reflecting on how things might be different.  

As we enter the Thanksgiving and Christmas season I know that the skyscraper is not empty.  I wish it was.  I wish it was for the kids who are at home without those people looking down at me.  I want those kids to have Christmas.

Angel Tree is a branch of Prison Fellowship.  They provide Christmas gifts to children who have a parent incarcerated. These children deal with grief over losing someone from their life and if they are old enough they also deal with the feeling of shame in society. 

A friend of mine recently heard that 1 in 28 children have a parent incarcerated.  If this is true, it's an incredible figure.  These kids need our help, love and support during this difficult time in their lives. For that reason through the end of the year the charity for LittleGemsUSA will be Angel Tree.

So let's find gifts for our moms, sisters and friends and bring God's love to the life of a lonely child this Christmas.  Be a Christmas Angel with me.
Hope you enjoyed this!  The only reason we exist is to raise money for women and children in need.  Please check out our store, pick up a LittleGem for yourself and #sparkle4HOPE

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